Norman Parke: “I want to fight on that Poland card”

Norman Parke is coming off his first defeat in the UFC. The Northern Irish fighter lost a close decision to MMA veteran Gleison Tibau at UFC Boston in January and that loss hasn’t sat right with him.

“That last fight, I was hesitant. Tibau is a big strong guy with good takedowns and I think I respected that too much. You seen it in the third round, I stepped things up and won the third round. That is frustrating knowing that and I have learned a lot from it. From now on I am going full steam ahead and I will run through guys. And if I can’t run through them I’ll use my judo and throw them on their heads.”
It seems to have lit a fire under his belly and he is chomping at the bit to get back in there. He revealed to us when he wants to fight next.
“I want to fight in April. I want to fight on that Poland card. I’ll fight anyone they give me. I just need to get back in there and get a dominant win to show everyone that I mean business. I’ve said this to Joe Silva and I am just waiting to hear back from him.”
Sometimes when a fighter gets motivated his vision and mind gets clouded but it is clear that Parke knows exactly where he stands now, where he wants to go and how he going to achieve it.
“I shouldn’t have lost that Tibau fight, but I did and the judges made the right decision. I just need to get back in there and get that ‘W’. Regardless of who they give me next I feel that two more wins puts me in the top 15, another win after that and I am in the top 10. After that, who knows…If I beat the right guy then I don’t think a title shot would be out of the question. But first things first, I want to fight ASAP and get back to winning ways!”
Parke seems like a very focused fighter indeed. He knows where he went wrong and he has set out targets on how to reprieve where he went wrong but who from the lightweight division does he want to fight?
“Man, I will fight anyone in that division. Joe Silva could ring me up tomorrow and offer me a non-title fight with Anthony Pettis and I would accept straight away. There is 17 fights in the lightweight division in the next 5 or 6 weeks, I would accept anyone of them if a fighter got injured. Failing that, give me anyone in April at UFC Krakow because it doesn’t matter who it is, I am just going to run straight through them.”
Hard to ignore a fighter with such a determination. Something seems a little different about Parke now. It is as if the loss to Tibau is just want he needed to give him a kickstart in his UFC career. I look forward to seeing Parke in action soon, hopefully.
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