Well some of us got our hopes up, others complained, but almost everyone was talking about it….but alas it is not to be, Brock Lesnar is not returning to the UFC….yet.

Last night on Monday Night Raw Lesnar made his return to the WWE after taking a couple of months off. His contract is one of such that allows him to come and go and work on a part-time basis.

“WWE has exclusive rights to services (to Lesnar) and such exclusivity extends to ultimate fighting competitions,” said a WWE official to

The rumours are said to have been concocted (including me) to bring a buzz about his inevitable return to wrestling and they worked! Everyone was talking about Brock Lesnar, heck even on the eve of the biggest rematch in UFC history talk was dominated by a man who hasn’t fought since December 2011.

Alan’s Angle: This is a major disappointment for UFC fans and such rumours have somewhat damaged the UFC. Anderson Silva is out, Cain Velasquez is out, GSP is retired…all of which are huge blows to the UFC’s drawing power for major cards. Whether you like Lesnar or not, you can’t argue the fact that he has popularity that very few others have. If it’s any consolation, and if you’re ready this then more than probably it is not, Lesnar returned and destroyed Mark Henry and made a promise he is coming for the WWE title.


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