Mike Goldberg relieved of NFL duty following unprofessional tweets

Ah Mike Goldberg, the bumbling fool of the UFC commentary team. But that’s OK because he is our bumbling fool. He is at home in the UFC and has literally been a stable of the promotion since the dark days. However, how he acts there does not translate to other promotions/sporting organisations so well.

You see, the UFC was ran like a family owned business, and in some ways still is, therefore allowing some unprofessional behaviour to be brushed under the carpet because everyone is like family there.

Last weekend Goldberg got the call from FOX to commentate on the Vikings vs. Lions NFL game. The troubles started from the get-go and in true Mike Goldberg fashion where he mispronounced the names of players and coaches and lost track of plays, downs and distances. I assume that FOX would have overlooked this as they did call Goldberg up late for this game and they had already wanted him to work next weekend’s game.

The fans however were a little less unforgiving and tweeted at Goldberg highlighting his mistakes. But it was his unprofessional responses to some criticizing fans that got him in hot water with FOX. His responses included calling some an “asshole”, a “douche” and even dropped an F-Bomb on one.

Last night it was revealed that Goldberg will not be asked to come back for next weeks game and the UFC commentator agreed it was the right decision.

I’m not happy about it personally but, professionally, it’s the right thing to do after my mistake,” he said via twitter.

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