Mayhem Miller thinks he is fighting Josh Barnett?

Jason “Mayhem” Miller will be taking on Luke Barnatt at Venator FC in Italy as reported yesterday but the former UFC fighter doesn’t really seem to know who he is fighting.

Miller has not fought since losing to CB Dolloway back in May 2012 at UFC 146, but has been in the MMA news for all the wrong reasons including a number of incidents with the police.

And “Mayhem” seems to still be living up to his name and bravado in the below video in which he talks about signing with Venator and coming to Italy to fight Josh Barnett, not his actual opponent, Luke Barnatt.

You can make up your own mind on just how serious you think Miller is but one thing is for sure and that is that if he does show up in Italy in May he will have a serious fight on his hands with Barnatt who is looking to prove he is one of the best Middleweights in Europe.

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