Mariusz PudzianowskI added to KSW Dublin

KSW, Europe’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, have today announced a weighty addition to their forthcoming visit to the Emerald Isle in the form of the former world’s strongest man Mariusz ‘Pudzian’ Pudzianowski. His opponent is yet to be announced but he’ll be seen as a welcome addition to the card by the many Polish fans who’ll be in attendance.

Coming off an emphatic win over Tyberiusz Kowalczyk when the two clashed on KSW’s historic stadium spectacle in May of this year ‘Pudzian’ will look to continue what seems to be a winning streak that is gaining momentum. With Martin Lewandowski recently announcing that he is seeking closer co-operation with both BAMMA and Cage Warriors there is a distinct possibility that either promotion may lend one of their talents to possibly face off against the former strongman.

The event which takes place on October 22nd is currently trending to to be a sell out with approaching 2,000 tickets sold already. Tickets are on sale now and we will be keeping you up to date with fight announcements as and when they happen, detailed fight week analysis, weigh-in coverage and behind the scenes fight night coverage.

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