Everyone’s favourite madcap footballer, Mario Balotelli took to Twitter earlier today to express his alternative career wishes:

Mario Balotelli - MMA Tweet

Now, this got me thinking.

If Mario Balotelli was to step in to the cage any time soon, just who would be on his potential hit-list from the world of international football?

Here’s my rundown of possible opponents the former Manchester City and current AC Milan forward could take on:

Roberto Mancini
This would the bout that the fans would be clamouring for, the rematch. During his eventful tenure with Manchester City, Mario Balotelli and his then-boss Roberto Mancini engaged in a training ground scuffle after Balotelli tackled a teammate a little too strongly for Mancini’s liking. With only grainy photos available of their first encounter, many would be eager to see how this would have panned out had Brian Kidd not been there to pull them apart.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Not satisfied with being one of the most supremely gifted players of his generation, the well-travelled Zlatan Ibrahimovic also has some sporting talents outside of the beautiful game. Having trained in the martial art of Taekwondo in his hometown of Malmö, Ibrahimovic achieved black belt status in the sport at the age of 17 and from the below video, it does not seem as though an interest in fighting has abandoned him:

If Balotelli and Ibrahimovic went head-to-head outside of the football pitch, this match-up would be the definitive battle of the egos.

Eric Cantona
Before Balotelli, the original badboy of the Premier League hailed from the red side of Manchester, as United legend Eric Cantona was just as likely to find on the front pages of the papers for all the wrong reasons as he was to find himself on the back pages for all the right reasons. None more so than when on receiving a red card in a 1995 Premier League, Cantona launched a ‘kung fu’ kick in to the crowd at one particular fan who had been heckling him as he left the field:

Clearly not afraid to strike when his opponent least expects it, but how would Eric Cantona react if he was faced with a willing participant like Mario Balotelli?

Nigel de Jong
For a 21st century Eric Cantona reboot, see Nigel de Jong. While de Jong was able to keep his flying feet away from the spectators, de Jong’s was no less brutal as the Dutchman landed his boot firmly in the oncoming chest of Xabi Alonso, an incident that marred the 2010 World Cup Final:

Amazingly, de Jong stayed on the pitch after this ‘tackle’. After showing his proficiency in delivering a near perfect push kick, de Jong could well prove himself to be too much for Balotelli to handle.

Luis Fabiano

Last, but by all means least is Luis ‘Crazy Fists’ Fabiano.

If you need any more proof than that, I give up on this whole cross-sport hypothetical exercise.

Can you think of any more potential match-ups for Mario Balotelli? Why not tweet us @WHOATV with your suggestions.

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