KSW 34 Live Blog and Results

KSW 34 is takes place in Warsaw, Poland and features no less than three title fights. Show is scheduled to start at 6pm GMT (7pm Polish time).

Here are the weigh-ins:

Heavyweight Title Fight
Karol Bedorf (13-2) vs. James McSweeney (15-13)

Round 1- These two heavyweight went toe to toe in this fight. McSweeney was winning the battles in the clinch but when they separated Bedorf landed some vicious kicks to the body and head forcing McSweeney to go back against the cage. From here Bedorf tee’d off on him with a barrage of punches and knees until McSweeney dropped and the referee stepped in.

Karol Bedorf def. James McSweeney via TKO in round 1.

Light Heavyweight Title Fight
Tomasz Narkun (11-2) vs. Cassio Barbosa (17-6-1)

Round 1-Narkun and Barbosa meet in the centre and the Brazilian goes for the takedown. Narkun off his back tries for the triangle but doesn’t succeed. He upkicks Barbosa forcing the ref to split them and allow Barbose time to recover. The resume back on the ground but Narkun forces Barbosa back to his feet. He then lands another upkick which buckles Barbosa before getting up and chasing him down to get the TKO finish.

Tomasz Narkun def. Cassio Barbosa via TKO in round 1.

Featherweight Title Fight
Artur Sowinski (16-7) vs. Fabiano Silva Da Conceicao (26-6-1)

Round 1- Sowinski light on his feet and uses his reach advantage to pick Fabiano apart with jabs while avoiding taking any damage himself. Fabiano moves forward and ties up with Sowinksi and get the takedown. However it is a bit of stalemate on the ground. Upon standing back up Sowinski gets his own takedown to finish the round. I’d give Sowinski that round.

Round 2- Sowinski lands a very stiff jab that Fabiano needed to shake off before going for the takedown but Sowinski’s takedown defence is on point. The Polish fighter then attempts an axe kick and fall which allowed Fabiano jump into his guard. From there not much happens as Sowinski’s guard looks very good but Fabiano manages to stay in top control. Fabiano takes this round for me with his top control.

Round 3- Sowinski on point again with his striking and lands a nice three punch combo. Fabiano again attempts to get the takedown after taking damage but Sowinski avoids it again. Fabiano then stuff a takedown and after a short exchange on the ground Sowinski resumes picking Fabiano apart on the feet.

Artur Sowinski def. ‘Jacarezinho’ via unanimous decision.

WW- Aslambec Saidov (17-4) vs. Yasubey Enomoto (14-6)

Round 1- Strong action in the opening moments as both men throw hard and fast. Enomoto then stays on the outside landing kicks to the body, crisp punches and a couple of flying knees. Saidov looks very dangerous though but his haymaker punches are not landing. Round one to Enomoto.

Round 2- This round starts much like the first ended with Enomoto landing with slick striking while Saidov looks for the hard hitting punches but misses. The two the trade takedown, both getting up before Saidov lands another two but the round ended with Enomoto trying with a leg lock. Round 2 goes to Saidov.

Round 3- Enomoto again with the better striking but Saidov just walks forward constantly until he eventually gets a hold of Enomoto and takes him down and aside from a loose kimura attempt from Enomoto he manages to stay in top control for remainder of the round.

Aslamabec Saidov def. Yasubey Enomoto via UD (29-28 x 3)

MW- Antoni Chemielewski (31-14) vs. Svetlozar Savov (15-5)

Round 1- A short but exciting fight. Antoni comes in swinging but Savov shows his level with some very crisp and slick striking, one leg kick forced Antoni to the ground. However Antoni caught one of Savov’s upswinging legs, took him down and from there landed some very hard punches.

Antoni Chemielewski def. Svetlozar Savov via TKO in round 1.

WW- Krzyztof Kulak (26-14-2) vs. Maciej Jewtuszko (11-3)

Round 1- Bad blood between these two. They start off throwing some wild kicks and punches as if to warn each other. Maciej catches one of Kulak’s kicks and lifts it up high forcing him to the ground and Maciej jumps into his guard. As they work their way back to the feet Maciej pushes Kulak and he falls back across the cage. They clinch but the referee breaks them up after a lull period. Once again they throw wild strikes none of which land cleanly. Maciej gets a nice trip takedown and nearly sinks in a d’arce choke but Kulak survives to the bell. Round one to Maciej.

Round 2- Kulak comes out aggressively throwing kicks and trying to land knees but Majiec ties up with double under hooks and gets a trip takedown forcing Kulak backwards. From here Maciej manoeuvres himself to the knee-ride position and punishes Kulak with hammerfists and a painful knee to the body forcing Kulak to tap.

Maciej Jewtuszko def. Krzyztof Kulak via tapout due to strikes in round 2.

HW- Szymon Bajor (14-6) vs. Jedrzej Mackowiak (4-0)

Round 1- The two heavyweights feel each other out in the opening moments. Bajor lands an overhand right and Mackowiak clinches immediately. Upon breaking they both trade short bursts of punches. Bajor cuts Mackowiak in an exchange and is landing the cleaner punches. They clinch against the cage and trade punches once again upon breaking. First round to Bajor.

Round 2- Mackowiak comes out and lands a takedown and ends up in half guard but Bajor defends the position and gets full guard all the while Mackowiak tries some ground and pound. After a short while the referee stands them up and Bajor is swinging looking for the knockout but missing by inches. Final moments in the round and they trade. Second round goes to Mackowiak, one round each now.

Round 3- After circling Mackowiak lands another takedown but once again isn’t able to advance his position and referee stands them back up. Mackowiak goes for another takedown straight away but Bajor stops and then gets a single leg of his own. Bajor in half guard working landing punches over and over frantically trying to finish but the bell saves Mackowiak. Very close third round to score.

Szymon Bajor def. Jedrzej Mackowiak via UD (29-28 x 3)

LHW- Tomasz Kondraciuk (11-5) vs. Marcin Wojcik (7-4)

Round 1- Wojcik mixing up his striking in the first round with kicks and punches, both landing. Then out of nowhere he lands a textbook double-leg takedown. On the ground though Kondraciuk defends well not allowing Wojcik to improve positioning. Wojcik finishes out the round landing strikes from full guard then standing up and landing kicks to the downed Kondraciuk. First round easily a 10-9 to Wojcik.

Round 2- Wojcik starts off again with crisp punches while avoiding anything Kondraciuk throws. A low blow from Wojcik halts action briefly. Once the action resumes Wojcik tees off on Kondraciuk pushing him back up against the cage and landing a barrage of punches forcing the ref to stop the fight.

Marcin Wojcik def. Tomasz Kondraciuk via TKO in round 2.

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