Welcome to another edition of WHOA TV’s KO Wednesday where we here rummage through the depths of YouTube to find some of the best KO’s in combat sports.

We are mixing things up this week as we take a look at a KO that happened outside of the combat sport umbrella and head over to the rugby field.

This past weekend French rugby icon Sebastien Chabal landed a thumping right hand on Marc Giraud during a match between Lyon and Agen in France. Dubbed “The Caveman” due to his stature and appearance, this 6’4, 250lbs has a long history of being intense having injured many during his rugby career.

Chabal, who is now 35, said that this season would be his last after a long and successful career. However, after that KO he could be sitting it out through suspension as he is likely to get anywhere up to a 50 week ban. The doors to any MMA gym in France would be open to the big man should his rugby career end a little early!

Could you imagine Bruce Buffer announce his name…. Check out the awesome KO below and what is even more shocking than the punch is that he only got a yellow card.

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