Kieran O’Brien vs. Tommy Martin at Cage Kings 3

An intriguing professional featherweight fight has been announced for Cage Kings 3 in Cork’s Neptune Stadium on October 17th as Kieran O’Brien (2-0) and Tommy Martin (0-0) will square off in a rematch.

The two collided as amateurs back in 2013 at Man of War VI with O’Brien walking away with the TKO win.

As everyone knows, or everyone should know, fighting as an amateur is all about learning, especially if you have ambitions of turning pro. This fight will be all about who has grown more in the past two years.

Back when they first fought there was a bit of a rivalry between their then gyms The MMA Clinic (O’Brien) and SBG (Martin). Since then though The MMA Clinic has disbanded and Trials MMA, spearheaded by O’Brien himself and a few others, has risen up.

O’Brien’s two professional outings came in the same year that he beat Martin. He beat Fabio Lage at BattleZone and just a month later he scored a really impressive win over Mick Brennan, a fighter I highly rate, at Cage Warriors 63 on New Year’s Eve in Dublin.

Martin posted the poster of the fight along with the words “he who laughs last, laughs best” on Twitter earlier today. Maybe we will see the rivalry re-ignite between two of Ireland’s top prospects.

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