Kickboxer Badr Hari sentenced to jail for assault charges

Kickboxing great Badr Hari received a two year prison sentence (10 months suspended) and was fined almost €40,000 by an Amsterdam court on Thursday. According to the Dutch Telagraph the 30-year-old Hari is “held responsible for a series of assaults in the Amsterdam nightlife” and that the court “considered it proven that Hari is guilty of one aggravated assault, two attempted aggravated assault and two ‘normal’ assaults.”

The incident in question happened in July 2012 where a business man by the name of Koen Everick was knocked unconscious and has since suffered physical and mental injuries.

Everink stated, via, that three years after the assault he is still suffering physical and mental consequences of the beating. Part of his ankle feels constantly numb due to nerve damage, according to doctors.

“In short, I’m missing 15 to 20 percent functionality.” he said.

The 30-year-old apologized for the incident: “I find it sad to hear what you have to experience. As a sportsman, I understand how much you must suffer as a result. I should never have thrown that punch. I hope that we will again be able to sit with each other and shake hands.” (via

That handshake obviously never came and Hari will now go to prison for 14 months and pay a hefty fine.

It is also worth noting that on the day of the court hearing the following video emerged of a man (who many say is Hari) slapping a hotel concierge in Casablanca.

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