Kane Mousah talks gangs, signing with Bellator & prayers

Bellator have today announced yet another exciting acquisition, the outspoken and fan favourite Kane ‘The Danger’ Mousah. Mousah has signed a multi fight deal with the promotion, who seem set to further shore up their European contingent of fighters. Mousah’s first opponent, SBG’s Mateusz Piskorz, is a way in which he can make a statement, given the calibre of the gym in which Pickorz trains. They both clash at Bellator Birmingham, which takes place on May 4th.

Given his fight pedigree Mousah would undoubtedly have had his fair share of options for his career. The decision to sign with Bellator, as he assures me, was an easy one to make. He said, “Bellator have shown me they respect me as a fighter and I’m being treated very well in all aspects, incredibly well. It’s a multi fight deal so I’m in this for the long haul. Once this first opponent is out of the way I’ll be looking at where I am in the rankings and how to improve on that with opponents on the roster.

“It would appear that fellow Bellator fighter Nathan Greyson’s demand to be paid decent fight fees has permeated the promotion at every level. Mousah is no exception to all of the signees who have been acquired for ‘violent money’. Mousah, an entrepreneur and owner of the sports brand BADR is at pains to explain that for him it’s not just about financial recompense. “I’ve fought the best in the game Diakiese, Enlund and Whiteford so it’s time to get paid from this sport.” Continuing Mousah said, “Bellator’s brand, particularly in Europe, has got a lot stronger, eclipsing the smaller regional homegrown outfits who offer terrible pay and obscure platforms on which you are seen. Bellator are keeping fighters busy on the biggest platforms. Whether it’s terrestrial TV through Channel 5 or Sky TV in the UK, platforms like these don’t come much bigger.”

One of his usual traits, his ability to whip up fan interest, does not seem to be his focus in this interview. Perhaps it’s a maturation in the brash young man I met five years ago. It’s pretty evident that Mousah’s focus and outlook seems more measured, calm and confident.

“I’m fighting Mateusz Piskorz who is 14-4-0 and fights out of SBG. I never initiate the smack talk. I basically react to what comes towards me. There are no easy fights in Bellator. Piscorz is tough and strong, but we are prepared for him. Never forget who I am. Who has he fought that’s better than me? I dusted Enlund and alot of people said I beat Robert Whiteford, no doubt about it. Even after the fight Whiteford said to me ‘you nearly had me out'”.

Another reflection of the maturation of ‘The Danger’ is his future proofing of his ability to earn and create a legacy. He’s keen for it to survive long after his fighting career is done, at a time of his choosing. Not content to join corporate entities who he’d ‘have to beg crumbs from their table’, he has set up a profitable venture in BADR Sports, as he puts it, “I’ve created a table for myself”. In leveraging his ‘table’ to give back to the community, a point which Kane has been quietly working on, he is keen to make an impact in the worrying escalation of knife crime related incidences up and down the country. The involvement of young men caught up in what is portrayed by the media as an inescapable wave of violence, has Mousah keen for men that are from similar backgrounds as himself to be given access to positive mentors. Those from council estates with no father figure in their lives in particular are encouraged to access his platforms to focus their attentions on something more positive.

He has some ideas of his own that could also progress solutions through quicker. “The time for talking is done, knife crime needs to be addressed through action now,” Mousah said. Continuing he expanded by saying, “Our community especially black or ‘urban’ youth need a way of more accessible role models for a start. The role models these youth are looking up to are the ones too far gone in their lifestyle. Everyone these days on the streets in a gang wants to get stripes. I know exactly what that feels like. At 13 I was on the roads deep in gang activity to get stripes. Nothing has changed”.

“Black youth need more than our prayers. They need interaction with successful people to widen their horizons away from their current field of vision. Musicians, businessmen and women, actors and athletes everyone can play a part. This isn’t new though. Humans have been murdering humans since the dawn of time, it’s not an exclusively black thing. What’s new though is there are so many more people of influence that can help our youth to become great.”

Mousah is keen to explain that he does not believe in hand outs or ‘the easy road’ but a catalyst for change that communities can run with would be an adequate start. Unpacking more of what needs to be done he said, “We need Government funding for local initiatives, gyms, studios and there needs to be opportunities to turn the competitive nature of these individuals into something positive. Look at what Dillian Wyte is doing with his gym initiative. He’s channeling street beef that can now be diverted into training in a discipline where rivalries can be settled in the gym through boxing.”

“Just like Dillian I’m putting myself up as a representative that can possibly inspire and channel the youth. What I’m doing through my BADR brand is a series of presentations to young adults in schools on what I’ve been through which seems to resonate with them and their experience. I was raised by a single Mum, my Aunt died of a heroin overdose. I sold drugs. I’ve been shot at and have been to prison. I am now a professional athlete who owns a business.”

“I provide the local youth with free clothing and money off schemes that benefit them. In addition I provide opportunities for people to take in a more positive experience of work through employment experience, working at many levels in BADR.”

It’s clear that Kane Mousah’s work, if supported, can gain momentum. What’s refreshing to see is he is using his various platforms not just to elevate himself but also for the upliftment and self empowerment of young adults, who if left unchallenged, will add to an ever increasing escalation of serious youth violence.

More bouts will be added as the Bellator Birmingham card begins to take shape for what promises to be an unmissable night of live MMA action in front of an electric crowd in Birmingham. The event will be headlined by an exciting lightweight bout between former Bellator world champion Brent Primus (8-1) and Tim “The Experiment” Wilde (12-3) and will be the second instalment of six scheduled Bellator European Fight Series events set to take place throughout the UK and Europe in 2019. Tickets are still available.

Updated Bellator Birmingham: Primus vs. Wilde Card:

Lightweight Main Event: Brent Primus (8-1) vs. Tim Wilde (12-3)

Lightweight Co-Main EventRyan Scope (10-2) vs. Derek Campos (19-8)

Middleweight bout: Fabian Edwards (6-0) vs. Falco Neto (11-9)

Welterweight bout: Raymond Daniels (0-1) vs. Jon Durrant (Pro Debut)

Preliminary Card:

Featherweight bout: Saul Rogers (12-2) vs. Aiden Lee (7-3)

Bantamweight bout: Brian Moore (11-7) vs. Binh Son Le (5-2-1)

Heavyweight bout: Rob Beech (4-2) vs. Domingos Barros (6-0)

Light heavyweight bout: James Mulheron (11-3) vs. Lee Chadwick (24-14-1)

Welterweight bout: Jim Wallhead (30-11) vs. Giorgio Pietrini (16-4-1)

Featherweight bout: Dominique Wooding (5-2) vs. David Khalsa (2-3)

Welterweight bout: Craig Turner (7-0-1) vs. Ashley Reece (7-1)

Lightweight bout: Kane Mousah (11-2) vs. Mateusz Piskorz (14-4)

Lightweight bout: Akonne Wanliss (1-1) vs. Corey Beldon (1-0)

Lightweight bout: Dan Cassell (3-3-1) vs. John Nicholls (4-2)

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