Jon Jones was in rehab for one night!

Last week one of the biggest shockwaves was sent right through the UFC as it was revealed that champion Jon Jones failed a December 4th drug test for components of cocaine and that he would be entering rehab. What came as more of a shock to everyone is that he would still be allowed defend his title and that there was/is no apparent punishment from the UFC.

Many people have used comparisons to Matt Riddle who got released from the UFC after failing for marijuana and Pat Healy who infamously lost over $100,000 in bonus money due to also failing for marijuana. People have spoken of their anger that the above mentioned fighters were punished for a lesser drug but that Jones was praised for entering rehab.

Now those detractors are set to be angered once more as it was reported by that Jones’ rehab stint lasted just one night. Let me put that into context, his addiction to cocaine was considered so severe that one night in a rehab centre helped put him on the road to recovery.

I don’t quite expect that one-night in rehab to have went like the ‘Trainspotting’ cold turkey scene (see below) for Jon Jones.

jon jones


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