Jon Jones swerves jail time

Jon Jones’s redemptive journey back to the UFC was a step closer today as he avoided what could have been a career ending jail sentence. Standing before Albuquerque judge Charles Brown it was today confirmed he would avoid a formal conviction for fleeing the scene of an accident in April of this year. Judge Brown was firm but fair in his deliberations informing Jones he would be granted 18 months probation and will have to make 72 appearances for charity or youth outreach work.

After what was a spirited and robust plea by his defence council Jones himself sought to re-assure the judge and the prosecution that he was contrite by delivering his own personal testimony in which he regretted his actions apologising to both his family and the passenger injured at the scene. The passenger who has since fully recovered from her injuries and Jones’s demeanour and previous good standing will probably have been factored into today’s verdict.

In a light hearted exchange before leaving the court the judge informed Jones that instead of teaching the kids he would meet in the coming weeks the value of a rear naked choke he should remind them of how hard he has strived to reach his previous lofty heights. In addition he was urged to point out to them how easily his position was taken away from him due to his unfortunate actions.

Whilst technically still suspended this will undoubtably set Jones on a path which many will see as inevitable. Many fans are already awaiting his return to the UFC and possibly a showdown with the winner of Saturday’s Light-heavyweight contest. The clash will see his previous opponents Alexander Gustafsson and Daniel Cormier do battle both of whom have previously come close to unseating hm.

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