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Joe Rogan to leave UFC?

One of the most famous voices of the UFC may be leaving sooner rather than later. Joe Rogan who has been a part of the UFC since 1997 recently revealed on his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, that his contract with the organisation is set to expire in August and he isn’t sure whether he will renew it.

Rogan still has plenty of time to come to a decision as to what is next in his UFC career but as you can see from the quotes below whatever decision he makes is going to be a tough one for him.

My contract’s up in August. It’s possible. I like doing shit that scares me. I like doing stuff. I like taking chances in that I like walking away from things. I like doing that. I like experiencing new things. You open up new doors, your mind starts firing in a different way. I’m not a big fan of doing the same shit over and over and over again.

Like when I do stand-up comedy, I have to go to different places. I like to go to weird spots. I’ll do a weird open mic night in the middle of fucking nowhere. I think it’s really important. I like to go to new places. I like to travel. I like to just get in my car and drive places and get out of my car and walk around and check out places.

You’ve got to experience different things in life. I’ve been doing the UFC for a long time, I will never stop being a UFC fan. That’s not going to happen. I love the sport. But there’s probably going to come a time where I don’t do commentary anymore, and it might be sooner than later. Or it might not. I mean, August might roll around and I might say, ‘You know what man, I fucking love this, let’s just keep doing this.’ But I might not, too.

Tony’s Thoughts;

Well we all know the day will eventually come that we don’t hear Goldberg and Rogan commentating on the big shows, however, the UFC has a great contingency in place for when that day comes.

They have built a solid backup with John Gooden, Jon Anik, Dan Hardy & Brian Stann and all of these guys are more than capable of picking up where Rogan left off. Obviously there will be the majority of fans who will take a while to get used to the changes but such is life and we can’t always keep things the same.

Rogan has played a huge part of UFC history and offers a great insight into the fights really bouncing off of Goldberg whom he has worked with for years and will definitely be a big loss for the organisation. But while it will take a bit of getting over they have enough capable candidates to replace him if he chooses not to renew his contract.

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