Jake Bostwick’s petition to get him to the UFC

Riding an eleven fight winning streak, you could certainly stake a claim that Jake “Brutal” Bostwick deserves his shot in the UFC.

The ATT and Team Titan fighter is coming off of the back of arguably his biggest career win, knocking out former UFC star Danny Mitchell at ACB Glasgow.

Having already fought (and beat) most of the Welterweights/Middleweights in the UK the options for whats next for him are limited on this side of the shore and having amassed such a huge win streak it is arguable that on that alone he deserves a shot in the UFC.

Bostwick has a very loyal fan following, and his fans have clubbed together to put on a petition to get him to the UFC.

So if you are in agreement that Bostwick should be the next UK fighter in the UFC, sign the below petition and lets hope for the best;


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