Is Brendan Loughnane the most feared man in UKMMA?

You’d certainly think that there is an element of fear when potential opponents get offered the name Brendan Loughnane based on the amount of refusals he receives. Let’s take a cursory glance at his skillset. Incredible striking, phenomenal take down defense and pin point precision when picking his shots from any angle is it any wonder why he is constantly on the look out for opponents just so as he can keep active.

He’s a bad style match up for a very high percentage of those based and fighting in Europe. It’s something he’s acutely aware of hence his dogged determination to test himself in the UFC.  His pursuit of a place on the roster came very close to being realised  when he was given an enticing offer to accept a last minute call up that came from the ‘big show’ earlier this year as he explains, “As you know in ACB last year I broke my arm. I had to have surgery and I had to have a plate put in my arm that took me to February time. I got the call from UFC London to fight Nasrat Haqparast. I done a re-scan on my arm so my arm was about four weeks from being ready so unfortunately I missed the boat with that.”

Previously signed to a three fight contract with ACB, Loughnane is keen to emphasise his current free agency, whilst he’s keen to fight it would be on a fight by fight basis, “The final destination I’d like to be the UFC that’s the long term goal,” he said. Continuing he explained, “Whatever comes up, comes up, I’m just trying to get the right deal at the moment and get what I’m worth, I was getting good money at ACB.”

“I was close to doing the PFL tournament in America,” Loughnane said, “The contract wasn’t quite what we thought it was in the beginning. I’ve been watching that show and now I’m wishing I had given that a go to be honest. That was unfortunate that I missed that boat but next year is still there.” 

With a slew of names signed in an unprecedented manner by Bellator in their drive to ramp up their list of those signed to the promotion from Europe one obvious question has been why was Loughnane not snapped up. According Loughnane it’s an option that is still being mulled over saying, “Bellator is a great organisation and if they came in with the right offer I would listen to it, so I’m not ruling that out and that is definitely a route to staying busy.”

One recurring match up that fans have been calling for has definitely peaked Loughnane’s interest is a clash between Paddy ‘The Baddy’ Pimblett. After losing in his bid to become the Cage Warriors champion it would appear this outcome has only re-inforced Loughnane’s opinion of Pimblett and indeed the victor on the night Soren Bak. “The Bak and Pimblett fight was what I expected. What did anyone else expect? This guy is just not as good as everyone thinks he is and that’s the top and bottom of it.” Continuing Loughnane respectfully offers, ” I’m not going to celebrate a mans loss but is anyone really surprised? Soren Bak is not the best either to be honest. His striking is average and he is a very one dimensional fighter.”

“Hats off to him he marched Paddy down and took the fight to him. He’s a tough Viking and he wanted it more on the night. My coach always told me, he said that skill will beat strength but will, will beat both and that’s what happened on the night.” 

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