‘I don’t give a sh*t about what Marc says!’ – Kane Mousah

Arguably one of the longest running feuds that have seen both Marc Diakiese and Kane Mousah go back and forth both face to face and via Twitter is set to be put to bed when the two men clash for the Lonsdale lightweight title as part of what will be an explosive night of fights featuring two of the UK’s hottest prospects. Both unbeaten the two are due to meet on BAMMA’s 25th numbered card, arguably the most stacked fight card that the promotion has presented to date.

A rather laid back and all be it philosophical Kane Mousah spoke with host of the #WHOACAST Bryan Lacey about what will undoubtedly be his biggest test to date and an opportunity to silence his critics and indeed his opponent who some have argued is winning what has been a relentless barrage of taunting tweets. Surprisingly Kane is quick to explain the reason for his silence. “I’m all about business to be fair, the title is something that I’ve really wanted, I had to do what I had to do to get the title fight. As soon as I got the title fight there’s no need for me to talk anymore. We’ll talk when we’re in the cage.”


With the deluge of disparaging tweets coming via Diakiese’s official Twitter account one could be forgiven in thinking that the rather emotive words might be playing on Mousah’s mind possibly goading hm into fighting on emotion instead of sticking to his game plan. “I don’t give a sit about what Marc said about me. All that matters is when that door closes and when I zone in on his face as a target, all that matters is that I take that target out!”

You can listen to the full interview in this weeks episode of the #WHOACAST below which also features a full and frank interview with his opponent Marc ‘Bonecrusher’ Diakiese. Enjoy, comment and share!

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