Help one of BJJ & MMA’s finest videographers- Stuart Cooper

Stuart Cooper wants your help.

Whether you know the name or not, if you are a BJJ and/or a MMA fan, more than likely you have watched and marvelled at his work. The Englishman is one of the finest in the game. His videos are more than your average run of the mill mini-features they are special, full of emotions and often inspire many.

Stuart has ran into a crossroads in whether to continue or not as the financial burden of this lifestyle had seemingly taken its toll. Like many of us in the media game we do so out of the love of the sport, it is a labour of love rather than a pursuit of financial gain. So why am I writing this when many of us media members are in the same financial boat? Well, I consider Stuart as a very important pillar in helping the sport of BJJ and MMA continue to grow. His input is that of something greater than what someone, who like me, churns out MMA news. I value the growth of these sports and I believe that Stuart is one of the many people who play important roles in aiding that growth.

Below you will see Stuarts video explaining this appeal:

You can help Stuart continue what he does best and continue producing these amazing videos by visiting his Indiegogo page to donate.

At the very least head over to his YouTube page and subscribe to view some fantastic videos and interviews like the ones below:

JiuJitsu – A Way Of Life

The Art Of JiuJitsu:

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