Former UFC fighter features in BBC documentary

Former UFC fighter Ross “The Gladiator” Pointon may be done with competing in MMA, but is still working very hard behind the scenes to help promote the sport within the UK.

Pointon has been heavily involved in a one hour documentary which will be aired on Thursday 26th November at 9pm on BBC Three entitled “Stoked Up in Stoke: Fighting Men.” Pointon is an advocate for promoting the sport and had these words to share on the documentary.

“The BBC actually approached me for the documentary as they had heard about my shows and myself and had done their research. They knew I had competed at the top level and that I had a gym and was passing my knowledge and experience to these young lads. They wanted to know what benefits MMA can provide and you will have to watch the documentary to find out more.”

“I did the doc as am hoping that it will be a positive for MMA and getting more people into the sport. The average person who has never even thought about taking a step into an MMA gym for what ever negative reason it maybe, I hope it changes their opinion. I know first hand how MMA can change people’s lives, it changed mine personally forever.”

The documentary is aimed to lift the lid on MMA and follows two relative newcomers to the sport as they prepare to compete. The documentary also shows how MMA is helping many young men/women to overcome troubled circumstances such as alcoholism, violent crime, drugs and many other things in order to turn their lives around.

You can check out two of the trailers for the show below and help support the growth of the sport by tuning in on Thursday night at 9pm on BBC Three;

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