Former Bantamweight Champ Dillashaw embraces “snake” nickname

Former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw has embraced the “snake in the grass” nickname given to him by Conor McGregor as you can see from his latest Instagram post.

The nickname came about following the Ultimate Fighter season with McGregor telling Dillashaw’s former training partner Urijah Faber that Dillashaw was a “snake in the grass”. Shortly after the show was released, Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male, the gym which saw him grow as a fighter and ultimately win the UFC Title and has since taken up home at the Elevation Fight Team in Colorado.

Dillashaw posted a recent picture of him, alongside Team Alpha Male’s Joe Benavidez and Lance Palmer, both of whom have been training with Dillashaw ahead of Benavidez’s next fight which takes place this coming weekend against Zach Makovsky.

Dillashaw made reference to the three of them and named them as “The Snakes” which includes “The Viper” (TJ Dillashaw), “The JoaConstrictor” (Benavidez) and “The Python Palmer” as you can see in the post below.

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