Foes from McGregor’s past, recent present and possible future give predictions

Everyone seems to have an opinion on the outcome of Conor McGregor in particular the likely outcome that will present itself when he clashes Floyd Mayweather tomorrow at the T-Mobile arena. What’s telling about many who have cast doubt on McGregor’s ability to deliver the unthinkable is their lack of realistic proximity to fighting McGregor.

One combatant who has fought McGregor and won is someone who many have termed the ‘McGregor Killer’, Ligtweight UFC standout Joseph Duffy: “I think Conor’s only real chance could be his unpredictability. Mayweather has struggled with more awkward opponents so if Conor can bring a more awkward style to the table, that maybe Mayweather hasn’t seen, and maintain that for 12 rounds, that would be his only glimmer of hope for me”.

Rather surprisingly Duffy’s sentiments have been almost echoed by Eddie Alvarez who McGregor handily despatched when the UFC pitched up for the first time in Madison Square Garden. Alvarez recently opined: “I think that a lot of boxing fans are looking at Conor like he has never boxed and they are writing him off like he has never boxed. He can box though, so he understands boxing. His chance will be in the first four rounds and I think that Conor can put Floyd away and land a punch. If it goes past the fourth round and gets into the fifth, sixth, seventh and it becomes a technical boxing match, I think it could look one sided and Floyd could win by TKO. Anything before that, though, is Conor’s time”.

All eyes will be on McGregor when exists the boxing ring and the obvious question will be what he does next. Kevin Lee is one such combatant who has been very vocal in how he would personally deal with McGregor should he get past the forthcoming challenge that lies with Kevin Fergusson. He recently added his opinion on how he saw the outcome materialising: “I think that Floyd is not just a better boxer but a smarter fighter, a championship level fighter. He is the better boxer but sometimes being better just isn’t enough because Conor will hit him with some unpredictable shots. Floyd has never fought a fighter like Conor or someone with that type of movement. Floyd is preparing well though and with the right game plan, comes the victory”.

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