Five reasons to watch BAMMA 23

#BAMMA23 comes to town this weekend live from the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham, England. The card features five BAMMA Title fights on the main card and a host of talent on the preliminary card with some of Europe’s very best fighters.

So if you are not making the trip to Birmingham why should you go out of your way to catch the fights online? Well the folks at #WHOATV have helped you out and given you five reasons you must watch #BAMMA23

BW Title fight looks to clear path for European showdown

With current BAMMA Featherweight Champion Tom Duquesnoy set to make his Bantamweight debut at #BAMMA24, a win for Ed Arthur on Saturday night will help align the stars for their future showdown for the Bantamweight Title. Arthur will have to beat a very tough opponent in Shay Walsh to set up the big European bout and Walsh is arguably Arthur’s toughest test to date. But its in these tough tests that Arthur seems to shine and his confidence in his own ability really shows through in his recent performances.

Main event worthy of FOTY candidate

Martin Stapleton Vs Gavin Sterritt most definitely has the chance to be a FOTY contender, pitting two guys who are so similar in their styles and outlook of the game that its almost impossible to pick a winner. I find it almost impossible to understand how these guys have never even trained in the same room as each other but come Saturday night none of that will matter when they lock horns for the BAMMA Lightweight Title. The winner will head up one of the toughest divisions in BAMMA at present, with the loser only being knocked down a few ranks of the ladder.

Nope its not fast forward, just two of Europe’s best Flyweights

Be sure not to blink during the BAMMA Flyweight Title bout otherwise you will miss it all. Defending Champion Rany Saadeh puts his Title on the line against Shaj Hague who is a very tough opponent and I would go as far to say, the favourite in this one. These two fighters are just so quick that its almost impossible to keep up with them and the levels of skills they possess is incredible to watch. Both guys have less than 10 professional fights under their belts but given their resumes are more than worthy of fighting on the main card for the BAMMA Flyweight Title.

The crowning of the new Heavyweight Champion

Now things didn’t quite work out in this one with current Champion Mark Godbeer being removed from the fight only a few weeks back but BAMMA have sought a replacement to welcome Ruben Wolf to the promotion. Tom Denham has been given a second chance at redemption following his big loss to Godbeer back at BAMMA 19, and has a huge opportunity to put some gold around his waist. Wolf has made a name for himself on the European scene and in his last trip to the UK knocked out James Mulheron at M4TC. A big opportunity for both guys to pick up the interim strap pending what happens next with Mark Godbeer.

Preliminary fights with ability to steal the show

Just casting my eyes over the prelim portion of this card gets me excited and I think a few of these bouts will be the show stealers. Jeremy Petley Vs Nad Narimani just cannot fail to be exciting and will be interesting to see how Petley deals with the cut to Featherweight. Nathaniel Wood Vs Bryan Creighton is another fight which can steal the show for sure and I beg you to show me a Nathaniel Wood’s fight that hasn’t been exciting. Also kicking off the show Ben Bennett and Jai Herbert should be fireworks in a Lightweight encounter.

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