Five opponents to welcome Brock Lesnar back to the Octagon

“The Beast” is back as announced by the UFC during #UFC199, Brock Lesnar will be making his return to the Octagon at #UFC200. Lesnar has been with the WWE since leaving the UFC after his loss at #UFC141 against Alistair Overeem but is now coming back for this historic event.

So in typical #WHOATV fashion we have directed the UFC Heavyweight roster and come up with five opponents we would like to see face Lesnar in his Octagon return;

Mark Hunt

Well come on you cannot deny that you would not enjoy watching this one? Hunt who holds the ability to put any man out in just one punch, taking on “The Beast” who would almost certainly look to take down Hunt at any given opportunity. Hunt is coming off a big win over Frank Mir from UFC Sydney and is always only one or two wins away from a Title shot, and what an opportunity to back up his case by putting away Lesnar. Lesnar has always been called out for his inability to take a punch and this would definitely bring out the best in Lesnar as he would certainly not want to be taking any of Hunt’s strikes.

Frank Mir

The end of a trilogy and definitely a fight which could sell itself. These two giants really don’t like each other and I think this fight makes perfect sense. Mir is coming off a big KO loss to Mark Hunt and Lesnar has been inactive since his UFC 141 loss to Alistair Overeem. These two last fought on #UFC100 and so to put the rubber match on #UFC200 would just be the icing on the cake for this feud.

Junior Dos Santos

JDS is always game and with a bit of a roadblock at the top of the division awaiting to be sorted out could be a good name to throw in the hat to fight Lesnar. Dos Santos is coming off a win over Ben Rothwell which definitely put his name back in as a top contender and you could be pretty sure that he would be chomping at the bit to get the big money fight against Lesnar. Again another opponent who would challenge Lesnar in the stand up and really prove if he was back up to scratch and ready to compete at the highest levels of MMA.

Derrick Lewis

The Beast Vs The Black Beast is definitely another one which would go down well with the fans. Lewis has gained a huge amount of fan support in recent months and has really become a force in the 265lbs division racking up three big stoppage wins on the bounce. Both Lesnar and Lewis are incredible athletes for their size and this one would be very intriguing to watch especially to see what game plan Lesnar would look to employ. If the UFC are going to push Lewis then this fight would do him a world of good and really get all the eyes looking at him and give him the chance to make a real break for himself and prove he is one of the best in the world.

Josh Barnett

Barnett would be another very intriguing opponent for Lesnar and stylistically would be a great match to watch unfold. Barnett is coming off of a submission loss to Ben Rothwell and will be desperate to get back to winning ways, and would almost certainly love the opportunity to take on Lesnar. Barnett’s catch wrestling is of the highest level and would test if Lesnar can still grapple at the highest levels. A great fight on paper and there would be a lot of cross over fans (pro wrestling) who would definitely tune in to see these two former pro wrestlers compete in a real fight.

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