Five Irish stand outs from #BAMMA26

Blaine O’Driscoll

A great performance from O’Driscoll against a very game Mark Andrew saw the SBG man pick up another victory. O’Driscoll throughout this fight just seemed to be one step ahead of his opponent in every exchange and just had more snap about him which was evident early on. O’Driscoll was able to land some big shots on Andrew which clearly rocked him but credit to Andrew in being able to weather the storm and continue the fight. O’Driscoll is still young and doesn’t have much experience which is great as it means that the young man from Team SBG will continue to evolve and grow as a fighter which will be fascinating to watch as a fan.

Ryan Curtis

Well what can I say but WHOA! What a performance from Curtis against a very tough Shamsul Haque. Curtis threw everything but the kitchen sink at Haque, breaking his hand in the process but he just wouldn’t give in. In a way I think it will be great for Curtis to get that fifteen minutes experience and whilst it may not be the stoppage win he was after will be beneficial in the long run. One of the best parts of his performance was the composure he showed and even when he had his opponent hurt he didn’t rush in and just took his time and made sure he landed his shots. A real exciting prospect who has an aura about him that makes you think this young man will go places.

Alan Philpott

Now whilst his fight with Aaron Blackwell was definitely not the most entertaining of the night, I have to tip my hat to the patience that Philpott showed in that fight and his ability to not get drawn into doing anything outside the gameplan. Philpott was able to land on a number of occasions without over exposing himself and that worked against an opponent who wasn’t willing to follow up on any openings. The Philpott of old may not have done that though and thats why I have to commend the man who had everything to lose in this fight. It was frustrating for him but it would of been devastating had he over committed and got caught in a fight that he clearly had in the bag.

Darren O’Gorman

O’Gorman looked really good in his submission win over Gary Morris and after overcoming a first round in which he probably took more shots than he should of, was able to control the fight and get it to the ground before sinking in a rear naked choke. Training under Michael Russell (MMA Clinic BJJ practitioner) I was fairly certain that O’Gorman’s bread and butter would be he grappling and submission game so I was equally impressed to see him dominating in the stand up aswell and I think he has great opportunity to make a run in the BAMMA Bantamweight division.

Rhys McKee

McKee needed only 58 seconds to stop Tommy McCafferty in their Featherweight bout and whilst there was some controversy about the manner of the stoppage at the time, having had the chance to go back and watch it completely agree. McCafferty took ten unanswered shots whilst on the ground and that was after being rocked on the feet and nearly submitted by heel hook. McKee looked incredible and has now moved to 4-0 in his professional record, the future is very bright for the Skeletor.

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