Five fights to make at #UFC200

UFC 200 is fast approaching and takes place on 9th July at the new T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

In typical #WHOATV fashion we have put together some fantasy fights we would love to see take place and would love to hear what you guys/girls think of the fights.

So enjoy our fantasy #UFC200 fight card;

Conor McGregor Vs Jose Aldo UFC Featherweight Title

As much as I want to see Frankie Edgar get a shot at Conor I just genuinely feel this is the way the UFC are going to go. Aldo Vs McGregor’s first fight was so well hyped and over so quickly that I feel the UFC will be able to get away with the intrigue of a full fight as the main selling point, the second being that these dudes seem to genuinely dislike each other. Both will also be coming off of a loss which is another strong selling point and with the 145lbs Title on the line this is definitely a UFC 200 worthy bout. I don’t see how the UFC put on UFC 200 without Conor and I just feel that the momentum at the moment is leaning towards Aldo as being the likely opponent for “The Notorious” one.

Miesha Tate Vs Ronda Rousey UFC Bantamweight Title

Tate pulled off a huge win over Holly Holm at UFC 196 and Dana has come out to say that Ronda will be her first opponent for the Title so why not put on this epic women’s Title bout on the biggest show in the history of the promotion. One thing that is different in this one than the other two, which Ronda won, is that this time the roles have been reversed. How will Ronda be able to bounce back after contemplating suicide? Will Tate be able to carry on her momentum and enter the Octagon with the “Champion aura” about her? Will Rousey mix up her game plan? So many variables this time which in my eyes make this a compelling enough bout to stick on to UFC 200.

Robbie Lawler Vs Nick Diaz UFC Welterweight Title

I really don’t think that we will see GSP return to the Octagon and with all the talk of getting Lawler to compete at UFC 200 why not put in someone as entertaining as Nick Diaz to really boost this card? Diaz holds a win over Lawler from way back at UFC 47 and whilst both men are completely different fighters now, there is certain an angle to go in with to sell this fight. Yes Diaz may be coming off of a couple of losses and a no contest but I think its fair to say that he has done enough to pave his way in this sport for the big fights and they don’t get much bigger than this.

Anthony Pettis Vs Nate Diaz

You cannot doubt Diaz after his sublime performance against Conor McGregor but lets not get ahead of ourself and push him for a UFC Welterweight Title shot, he isn’t a Welterweight and is a much more solid fighter at his actual weight, Lightweight. So should he be given a crack at Dos Anjos after beating McGregor? I’d argue that he shouldn’t and that he should instead fight former UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis. Two very exciting fighters, both in very different and unique ways and both very credible in the Lightweight division. Pettis is coming off of two back to back losses but given how dominant he has been during his Zuffa career I don’t think you can ever really rule out Pettis getting right back to the top after a couple of solid performances and a win over Diaz right now is just what “Showtime” needs.

Cain Velasquez Vs Travis Browne

I don’t think that you can put on an event this huge without featuring at least one Heavyweight fight, cause who doesn’t love a Heavyweight clash? Velasquez has been edged out of the Title picture and I think that a fight with someone like Browne would be perfect for Velasquez both as a chance to fight without the pressure of a Title being on the line but also given the test that Browne would offer him. Like Velasquez, Browne is a very athletic Heavyweight and has great movement and power and for Browne this fight would also offer him the test he needs to see if he can really hang with the best in the division. I think Velasquez needs to disassociated himself from the Heavyweight Title picture and focus on building up a few wins before eventually making his way back to the top of the pile.

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