Fighter & Ref at Bellator argue over whether a fighter is unconcious or not

There was a bit of confusion & embarrassment on a referee’s behalf last night during the Chad George vs. Mark Vorgeas fight at Bellator 136 (check results here).

George, the star of MMA documentary ‘Occupation Fighter’, found himself on top and in side-control while his opponent was still working for the guillotine. Bad move. A defence move, made famous by Jason Von Flue years ago, proved that a simple shoulder choke can render your opponent unconscious.

Well that actually happened and as George transitioned to knee on belly he realised that Vorgeas was actually out cold. The former WEC fighter then told the ref but he would not listen forcing George to stand up and walk away from Vorgeas’ limp body and thus proving the referee wrong.

Thank God this didn’t happen in the UFC otherwise Dana White’s head would’ve exploded in rage.

Check it out below (vid via Reddit MMA, u/momonarikun)

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