Fight Music: Joseph Duffy

Since “Irish Joe” Duffy returned to MMA many people have failed to note or are simply overlooking the calibre of opponents he’s fought previously. In fairness on paper the competitors he has faced of late, have been no push over either.

As he steps up to meet Jake Lindsey at UFC 185 #WHOATV spent a bit of time discussing his eclectic taste in music. I would consider myself to be a music connoisseur, with a wide and varied taste, but it was quite a revelation and education as Duffy talked me through his selection.

The premise was simple, an updated version of desert island discs if you will. Duffy is stranded on a desert island and his MP3 player of choice has been wiped of all but five music tracks. We asked what five tracks he hoped had been saved. Let me know your thoughts on the video, number three in the series, via Twitter.

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