Fabian Edwards: ‘I’ve got everyone running scared’

Fabian Edwards has been on somewhat of tour of terror in the last year or so. After finishing opponents both on the Bellator and BAMMA roster he’s ready for a new challenge when he’ll face SBG’s Claudio Conti at BAMMA 35. It’s a great style match up for the brother of the UFC’s Leon Edwards and a challenge he is keen to embrace whatever complications Conti brings to the cage.

Speaking with Edwards he is resolute in what he sees will be an emphatic display of dominance that will put the entire roster on notice as he tells me, “I’ve wiped out everyone that has been put in front of me. I’ve got everyone running scared, how can this not be for the title?”

Given the pace at which Edwards has established himself and indeed the dominant performances he has put in Edwards’ question of why he is not being given a title shot with his next bout is a valid one. In any other organisation worth their salt the number one ranked fighter on such an upward trajectory usually fights for the title.

To the avid fan who has kept abreast of Edwards’ career thus far they might argue that he has not faced a murders row of the top echelon available yet, however, that isn’t through lack of trying to obtain tough match ups according to Edwards. He said, “I’ll fight anyone. I’ve asked for Jake Bostwick, Andy Devant, Chris Fields, Shaun Taylor, Alex Lohore. I’ve asked for everyone in the top 20 and none were available or didn’t want to fight. We even called for a fight with that steroid eating shithouse Leeroy Barnes as a warm up in order to keep busy and tune up my skills, he’s still running like a bitch.”

Edwards takes on Conti in Ireland on May 12th in what is set to be a non title fight despite his recent campaigning for it to be for a belt. He seems unfazed by being overlooked by the promotion this time and is set on continuing ‘The Easy Money Tour.’ His final words to his opponent show how game he is as he offers this parting shot, “Conti is a sloppy bummy bitch and he will be stiffened up early in the first round I can promise the Irish fans that.

BAMMA 35 takes place at the 3Arena, Dublin, Ireland on Saturday May 12th. Tickets are on sale now from bamma.com

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