European Fighting Challenge launches

I have to admit that my curiosity was slightly peaked when I received an invite to the launch of European Fighting Challenge (EuroFC), the first All-European MMA promotion. The invite had an air of mystique around it telling you nothing which made it all the more enticing. That secrecy has now been brushed aside in Berlin today as the new upstart promotion set out its stall in a well thought out launch and underlined its aim to grow the European MMA market by catering to both die-hard MMA fans and casual consumers alike.

The first-ever All-European MMA promotion European Fighting Challenge was unveiled today detailing its plans to put on premier MMA in Europe’s best venues in European prime time. In addition to live events, official video streams of the fights will be made avialable. CEO, Jarno Kukila, added “Since there are no existing All-European promotions, we are confident that we have a real market opportunity in Europe.”

There appears to be a very robust and safe pair of hands approach to the running of the promotion as the widely respected UFC referee Marc Goddard was presented as the promotions Lead Official and Tim Leidecker will act as VP of Talent Relations. Fighters will receive media training and have access to subtantntial

The promotion’s first event will be held in Finland (Metro Areena in Espoo, October 1st 2016), followed by the Czech Republic (O2 Arena in Prague, February 11th 2017) and the third will follow in Denmark (Forum Arena in Copenhagen, May 6th 2017). EuroFC’s fighting talent will feature fighters all of whom appeared at the launch like Yosef Ali Mohammad, Izabela Badurek, Tom Niinimäki and Alan Omer.

In addition EuroFC will introduce their own rankings and a ‘Champion of Europe’ title in 2017.

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