Dustin Poirier respects the left hand of McGregor

Conor McGregor’s former opponent Dustin Poirier was probably one of many not siding with the Irishman ahead of his #UFC194 main event fight with Jose Aldo, but following the bout took to social media and was complementary of McGregor for the first time.

In the lead up to their Featherweight clash at UFC 178, Poirier and McGregor nearly came to logger heads on various occasions and Poirier thought McGregor’s outlandish behavior had crossed the line.

When the two did meet at UFC 178, as predicted by himself, McGregor stopped Poirier inside the first round with the left hand, which he also used to put away Jose Aldo at #UFC194. And as you can see from the below tweet, Poirier thinks McGregor has something special with that shot;

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