Duffy on McGregor: I would beat him if we fought again

Joseph Duffy recently appeared on the MMA Roasted podcast and was of course asked about Conor McGregor. However this time was a little different. The normally quiet and restrained Duffy opened up a little about his thoughts about McGregor.

Here is the transcript of the conversation:

Host: What are your thoughts on Conor McGregor?

Duffy: Obviously Conor’s doing well, he’s brought a lot of attention to the sport but I think he is starting to get on people’s nerves a wee bit now. I think it is time now for a new Irish fighter to come through now.

Host: Do you think he is overrated?

Duffy: I believes he’s great but I just feel like I am better.

Host: If you guys fought again what would happen?

Duffy: I would beat him. I think it would be pretty similar [as the first time] to be honest.

Duffy of course beat McGregor a number of years ago in something which has been both a blessing and a curse. No doubt it helped in him being signed to the UFC but he has been given the moniker of ‘The Last Man to beat Conor McGregor’ and that has been hard to shake. In reality it should be a badge of honour beating one of the biggest stars but having that cloud over everything you do must not be fun.

McGregor recently stepped up his smack talk about Duffy saying he isn’t Irish and criticizing him for quitting the sport of MMA for boxing and for leaving Ireland.

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