Dillashaw says McGregor is more interested in money than getting better

TJ Dillashaw was speaking with the media this past weekend and of course the topic of ‘Conor McGregor’ got brought up. The bantamweight champ found himself on the end of some recent comments made by the Irishman to teammate Urijah Faber. McGregor said that he is a ‘snake in the grass.’

When asked about McGregor and the beef between them Dillashaw quipped that he doesn’t believe that there is a fighter out there that McGregor doesn’t have beef with. He also responded to McGregor’s clams of him being a snake.

“He is trying to get under Urijah’s skin by saying that I am a traitor and that I am his enemy. It’s the only thing he had against Urijah,” he said. “You just gotta laugh that guy off a little bit, he’s all talk. He’s more interested in money he’s making now than actually getting better in the sport.”

Dillashaw was then asked would he move up to face McGregor and instantly said yes.

“I’d love that fight. That would be amazing. That would be something I would love to do.”

With Conor McGregor scheduled to fight Jose Aldo in the main event of UFC 194 in a title unification fight Dillashaw said he is siding with the Brazilian.

“I see Aldo winning the fight. McGregor’s real confident but I think he’s got his hands full when it comes to the fight. Aldo is the P4P best in the world and he’s definitely shown it time and again.”

Here is the full scrum with Dillashaw:

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