Darren Stewart: ‘Bring back hanging’

Barking’s own Darren ‘The Dentist’ Stewart returns to the cage off the back of one of his most spirited performances thus far in his fight career. Whilst coming off a loss to Julian Marquez he’s due to take on Eric Spicely at UFC Fight Night Till vs Thompson – which takes place in Liverpool on Sunday, May 27.

Stewart proved to be a very articulate and oppinionated guest as he joined myself and Mysdiggi in the latest episode of the WHOACAST. In what amounts to a frank discussion we covered a host of topics including his losing skid, pre fight anxiety, his day job and gun and knife violence.

Speaking candidly on the escalating violence in the capital he offered a stark solution, “If you stab someone that should be a straight life sentence. If it keeps happening hang them. Bring back hanging.”

Check out the full and frank interview via our latest installment of the WHOACAST.

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