The man on the front line Ariel Helwani finally got to Dana White this weekend and has a barrage of questions that everyone wanted to get answers for.

Amongst the most talked about topics this week is the rumour that Brock Lesnar could be returning to the UFC. When Ariel pressed Dana for answer he said “I don’t know” with an obvious grin across his face and then a chuckle.

And when pressed even further about it he said, “if there was something there and I hadn’t announced it why would I tell you anyway?”

Ariel then reminded White that he had lied about Brock in the past saying previous meetings [between Dana and Brock] had been said to have went bad but only to be revealed at a later date that the meeting went good. “Anything I say to you then I am probably lying,” White said in rebuttal.

The two engaged in a quick fire, smirking, back and forth;

Ariel- “Is he coming to the fight?” Dana- “No…”

Ariel- “When was the last time you spoke to him?” Dana- “I don’t know…. Don’t worry about it. You don’t worry about what’s going on with Brock. If something happens with Brock you’ll know about it.”

Alan’s Angle: I am going to take this as something big will be announced post-fight that will involve Brock Lesnar. White will want to end the year with the biggest possible bang and no better way to do it than announcing a Lesnar return follow the rematch of the century.

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