‘Country Boy Brawlers’ a budding new reality show

The new season of The Ultimate Fighter is just around the corner. As the UFC struggles to keep the show fresh they are constantly thinking of ways to shake things up.

Recently we have seen a ‘live’ season, women and men in one house, and women fight for a title. Now this season will feature American Top Team vs. the Blackzilians, rival gyms from Florida, with the winning team receiving $500,000.

I was recently made aware of another MMA Reality TV show that is looking to receive funding, Country Boy Brawlers. Maybe the UFC could take a leaf out of their book moving forward.

The synopsis: a number of fighters from Virginia are put together inside a house and compete to win a trip to train in Thailand. The term fighters here is used loosely as they feature some of the most stereotypical Ultimate Fighting fans from Hicksville USA trying their hand as some cage fighting. TapouT, tattoo’s, terrible posture and bad asses a plenty here folks.

Here is the pilot/introductory episode right here and it has to be seen to be believed:

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