Could Anderson Silva be fighting Nick Diaz?

It seems like a headline put together by a room full of ‘MMA fanboys’ if asked to “forget weight classes or current situations, put together two fighters who would catch everybody’s attention!”

It seems like an incredibly farfetched idea but when you give it some thought it is somewhat a very feasible and realistic match-up for Joe Silva & co. to put together.

In an interview on The MMA Hour Ed Soares (Anderson Silva’s manager) spoke about the potential of Silva vs. Diaz upon the Spider’s return saying: “Nick Diaz has said he’s wanted to fight him before. Nick Diaz wanted to box Roy Jones Jr. You could argue that Nick Diaz and Anderson probably have some of the best boxing in MMA, so we’ll see what happens.”

Sooner or later Anderson Silva will be looking to make his comeback fight as will Nick Diaz and what better than to throw them together. Let me run through a checklist of why this is a good fight:

  • Both men will be coming back from a lengthy time off so neither will have the advantage of being the more ‘active’ fighter.
  • Nick Diaz wants a good payday – very few fights out there that will provide that more than the return of Anderson Silva.
  • The story- Diaz in self imposed exile and Silva devastated by injury.
  • Both men are connected through their desire to fight Roy Jones Jr. in a boxing match.
  • Striking- Diaz with his intense boxing matched against Silva’s head movement and counter strikes.
  • Grappling- both very gifted at BJJ.
  • The fight would be a much needed spectacle for the UFC that will bump up fan interest in this over saturated market.

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