Conor McGregor says he’s negotiating $100m contract with the UFC

On The MMA Hour’s 300th episode yesterday (congrats to Helwani and team by the way) they pulled off all the stops and had a massive panel of guests on the show. Chael Sonnen, Daniel Cormier, Steven Seagal and Kimbo Slice were on the show but it was Conor McGregor who was the headliner.

Like his other appearances on the show he was in flying form. Quick quips, hard truths and bold statements flowed without hesitation. You’d expect nothing less from ‘The Notorious’. But the biggest statement he made is the claim that he is negotiating a new contract with the UFC that is worth in the region of “nine figures”, that is $100,000,000.

“Nine figures, I’m talking. Nobody in the game has talked nine figures. That is 100 million plus. That’s my contract. That’s where I’m at.”

The brash Irishman then broke down the numbers. He stated that he brought in $50 to $60 million for UFC 189 and while pointing out the main event was changed last minute he stated that he is the draw. “You think anyone else can do that?” he said.

However he expects UFC 194 to eclipse that last event by a significant amount. He said the gate alone will take in $10m and overall the event will bring in $90 to $100 million dollars. And he said he used these figures to his advantage while negotiating his new contract with the UFC brass.

“I came at them with facts, I came at them with numbers, I didn’t go around about. I looked them dead in the eye with straight facts and when somebody comes at you with clear facts, clear numbers, there’s only one thing you can do in that situation- respect it.

“You have got to respect good business. If you don’t respect good business, then that’s on you. So I’m very confident that we’ll come to a deal and it will be in the nine-figure mark. And rightfully so.”

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