Chael Sonnen & Wanderlei going to WWE?

In one of the most bizarre ‘storylines’ to appear from the world of MMA and WWE it seems that former stars Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva could be on their way to the WWE for their marque annual show WrestleMania.

The two fighters have a long and storied rivalry

Now the pair are claiming that they are on their way to WWE with Sonnen speaking about it first with Michael Landsberg’s ‘Off the Record’ show. The American Gangster said:

“I got a call from WWE and they said, ‘Look, we have WrestleMania, a Hall of Fame show in March. If you want to come out, we want to talk to you about some stuff.’ They laid out at that. If they are buying me a plane ticket and they’re giving me a great seat to the show, I do enjoy that product.

“But I’ll give you a little bit of a scoop. Wanderlei Silva was also invited. I don’t know if he’s accepted and I don’t know if the two are related, but there you go.”

This was all followed up last night with Wanderlei putting the following message out on Instagram along with the title picture.


The WWE circulated a press release amongst all the pro wrestling websites refuting Sonnen’s claims and stating that “there has been no invitation from WWE for Chael Sonnen to attend WrestleMania.”

Alan’s Angle: I am not sure if WWE has had any contact with Sonnen and Wanderlei regarding appearing at WrestleMania but they might now once they recognise all the media attention the two former fighters have gained the past couple of days.

Also with CM Punk joining the UFC, Vince McMahon might see that snapping up Sonnen and Wandy could be the perfect power move to stick it back to Punk and the UFC. I am sure they could use the two in a segment or have some sort of involvement with the show. WrestleMania is an event that always needs some sort of extra stipulation or occurrence involved with the show, in the past Donald Trump was involved in a match with Vince McMahon and Floyd Mayweather once fought the Big Show.

Never say never.

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