Captain America: The Winter Soldier review

So I went to see the new Captain America movie yesterday and it was superb. I tend to go into movies with a critical eye, this my girlfriend hates, and I have been a massive fan of all the new Marvel movies built around The Avenger to date so that means I am waiting for the day they make a bad one to let me down, well not yet.

The writers of the movie have described it as a spy thriller masquerading as a superhero movie and that is spot-on. There are some many “who to trust?”, “what is going on?” moments in this movie that is reminiscent of any good spy movie and more than enough big scale action moments to keep that part of your brain happy. The good thing about the movie is that the directors (Anthony and Joe Russo) stay away from CGI scenes as much as possible. I am a big fan of “real” scenes and it benefits the viewing experience so much more.

We see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in his biggest action role to date, Black Widow (Scarlet Johansson) is in fine kick-ass from throughout and The Winter Soldier is a perfectly matched adversary for ol’ Cappy. The movie introduces some new characters into the Marvel world including The Falcon (Anthony Mackie), Crossbones (Frank Grillo) and Batroc the Leaper (GSP) along with a few more agents who are sure to pop up again adding some more depth to the Marvel universe.

Captain America 2 is pretty much a stand alone movie for you to be able to watch if you have never seen the first or even The Avengers but there is enough of a connection and story from its predecessors that will satisfy even the most stringent of Marvel fans.

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Ok ok, I know what you MMA fans are thinking, how did GSP do? He plays a small role that inevitably lays the foundation for the whole movie. His lines are in French and he has a fight scene with Captain America. I think now is where I say “I am/am not impressed by his performance” but you can make your own mind up on his appearance.

Overall it is a great movie with very few flaws and a great popcorn flick that adds buckets to what is to come both for Captain America and his gang of superhero chums in the next ‘Avengers’ movie due out next year.

(p.s. stay after the credits and then until the very end of the credits. Why? It’s a Marvel movie you dummy!)

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