Cage Warriors announce date for comeback show

Cage Warriors chief Graham Boylan (pictured above) took to twitter yesterday morning to announce that the promotion will make a comeback on April 15th in London. The last time we saw Cage Warriors was back in November 2014.

It has been previously rumoured that Cage Warriors planned to have two shows towards the end of 2015 after Boylan first announced his acquisition of the Cage Warriors brand on The MMA Hour back in June last year. The first show back will come 10 months after this news broke.

No venue has been announced yet for the show but over the past number of years The Forum and The Copper Box have been used when doing shows in London.

In the past Cage Warriors were known for their busy schedule and ran anywhere between 10 and 15 shows in a calendar year in various different countries. For example in 2014 the promotion ran 13 shows and visited such countries as Ireland, Wales, Denmark, and Jordan on three separate occasions. Before that other territories visited included Scotland, Russia, UAE, Bahrain, Dubai, Ukraine and more. Whether or not the next incarnation of Cage Warriors will take up a similar schedule is unknown.

Also unknown is the roster of fighters. Before the hiatus the promotion boasted a large pool of top level talent from all over Europe, most of whom were on exclusive contracts and had fights remaining on said contracts. However, due to the inactivity on the promotion’s behalf I would assume most of the contracts would be void and it could be at the discretion of the individual fighter and the promotion as to whether they would like to renew those particular contracts.

I guess we will know more in the coming days and weeks as we build up to the return of the one of Europe’s top shows.

Title Image via Dolly Clew/Cage Warriors

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