Cage Kings 3 Results

Cage King 3 took place Saturday, October 17th in front of a packed house in Cork’s Neptune Stadium. Like previous shows the action was fast paced and furious and provided a lot of finishes.

WW Title- Eoin McCarthy (Siam) def. Dommie Kelly (Spartan) via TKO.
FW Title- James O Connell (Courage) def. Adrian Kirby (Spartan) on points.
FlyW Title- Ryan Sheehan (Siam) def. Aaron Maghaey (Spartan) via KO.
LW Title- Craig Coakley (Lionheart) def. Eric O’Leary (Cobra) via TKO.
LHW Title- Wayne Grant (Fantom MMA) def. Wayne Cambridge (Siam) via KO.

Full Rules Thai
85kgs- Barry O’Connor (Spartan) def. Denis O’Brien (Cork Thai) on points.
66kgs- Killian Bushe (Carrigaline/Siam) def. Craig Coakley (Lionheart) on points.

FlyW- Blaine O’Driscoll (SBG) def. Dylan Sheehan (Trials) via TKO, rd 2.
FW- James Gallagher (SBG) def. Denis Ahern (WC Warriors) via RNC, rd 1.

Dillon Manning (Muskery Judo) def. Dwayne Crowley (Bruce’s Gym) via TKO, rd 1.
Jack Maguire (BJJ Cork) def. Paudie Cosgrave (SBG Cork) via TKO, rd 1.
Lee Hammond (SBG) def. Guillaume Litko (BJJ Cork) via KO, rd 2.
Elliot Levi (SBG) def. Dean Martin (SBG Cork) via RNC, rd 2.

60kgs- Kelvin O’Sullivan (Trials) def. Matino Maldini (Warriors) on points.
60kgs- Yvonne Calnan (Cork Thai) def. Ce Gordan (Bridgestone) via TKO.
73kgs- Niall Cooke (Cork Thai) def. John Mitchell (Siam Warriors) on points.
67kgs- Calvin Ross (Muay Eire) def. Paul Burns (Siam Warriors) on points.
75kgs- Dylan Meagher (Courgae) def. Liam McGill (Muay Eire) on points.
80kgs- Cian Hogan (Warriors) def. Damien Kalicinski (Trails) on points.
69kgs- Conor Keogh (Warriors) def. Adrian Kirby (Carrigaline) TKO.

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