Brandon Hempleman WSOF 10 Blog Pt. 1

Brandon Hempleman (9-2) suffered a setback in his last fight (which was also his WSOF debut) as he lost to the highly rated Marlon Moraes (13-4) by unanimous decision, it saw a 6-fight-win-streak snapped. Now Hempleman is looking to get back on track at WSOF 10 on June 21st when he takes on Andrew Yates (7-1) who also lost his WSOF debut.

Brandon will be sharing his thoughts and his journey through the last two weeks his fight camp right here on #WHOATV.

Entry One:

Sundays are my day of rest in my training camp. For the last five weeks I’ve been training at least three times a day. This means I burn on average up to 3,400 calories, safe to say that my body weight always drops easily when camp is in full swing. Some days are focused more on drilling techniques for hours at a time followed by insane strength and conditioning sessions with my trainer. Other days are all about getting sparring in, I like to throw a nice run or swim in on those days as it really clears my mind.

Yesterday, after a long painful week of training, I got a 2 hour deep tissue massage followed by a dip in the freezing Boise river here in Idaho. After that came the relaxing part: watching past fights and sparring videos of myself. I am my own biggest critic so it can be an ego kill for me. This can be beneficial in itself as I am more worried about what I am going to do at this than what my opponent will do.

I’ve been really missing my kids a lot during this fight camp. These last two weeks can’t get by fast enough!

You can follow Brandon on twitter @BHempleman and his facebook page.


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