Bob Sapp wants ROAD FC to compete with the UFC in America

Say what you want about Bob Sapp and the final few years of his fighting career. To me he was one of the smartest fighters out there. He would take very little damage in his fights but would still walk away with a very large pay cheque.

In 2012 he fought seven times in seven different countries at a total fight time of 9:01 and he took very little damage. He made a good living doing what he did, it is not his fault but rather the promoters booking him.

For a man who appeared in big Hollywood movies, played American Football, did pro wrestling, fought in Pride, became a megastar in Japan and assumingly made millions from the fight game alone, I am actually look to him as an inspiration of sorts. He is a self made man who has found major success and it takes a very clever mind to do what he has done. For that reason I will listen to what he says.

These days ‘The Beast’ works as the Vice President of Global Public Relations of the South Korean based MMA promotion ROAD FC. In a recent interview Sapp states his interest in the promotion globalising itself and going to America to compete with the UFC.

The promotion recently held their first event outside South Korea in July when they travelled to Japan with fighters like Riki Fukuda, Hong Man Choi and Minowaman all competing on the card.

Whether or not the promotion can or will go to America is up in the air but it is slightly exciting knowing that they have this ambition. With the Reebok annoying a lot of fighters this creates the opportunity for other promotions coming in to snag unhappy talent. If ROAD FC decides to invest in some of this talent along with bringing the top Asian fighters and legends in they could easily put together some appealing cards.

In regards to competing with the UFC, I don’t believe any promotion could do that yet. Bellator are easily the world’s No. 2 MMA promotion and they are still some way back from legitimately competing with the UFC. However as more promotions grow then this provides more platforms for fighters to earn money and this can only be good for the sport.

Below is the interview with Sapp:

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