Betting tips for UFC 217: Bisping vs. St.Pierre

The next big UFC fight event is set to go down on November 4th in New York City. Hosted for the second time at Madison Square Garden, the event will feature a total of 12 fights including a women’s strawweight fight.

The headline event at UFC 217 will be the Middleweight Championship bout between Michael Bisping and Georges St. Pierre. Bisping is the current UFC middleweight champion as well as the Ultimate Fighter 3 light heavyweight winner. Hailing from England, Bisping is the first Englishman to win a UFC title. Over his career, Bisping has accrued 30 wins and only 7 losses. During this time, he has yet to face St. Pierre.

Georges St. Pierre, also known as GSP, has been a three time Welterweight Champion in the UFC. He is considered to be one of the greatest MMA fighters in history by some publications and media outlets with a worldwide number one welterweight ranking for many years. St. Pierre retired at the end of 2013 with several records to his name including the most wins in title bouts. With 27 fights on his resume, St. Pierre only lost twice. After two years of retirement, St. Pierre began renegotiation talks for a new contract which was agreed to finally at the beginning of 2017. His first fight upon his return was slated to be a battle with Michael Bisping.

Sportsbooks have posted their betting lines on the fight. Many are showing St. Pierre as the favourite with some sites showing his line as -135. Bisping is being billed as the underdog with a line of +105. While we have a few weeks until the results will be determined, MMA fans can also enjoy playing fight themed slot machine at online casinos until then.

Going into UFC 217 as the favourite, Georges St. Pierre’s first fight out of retirement could see GSP’s winning record continue. If not, he has told fans that UFC 217 will be his last.

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