Anderson Silva fails additional drug test

The Anderson Silva saga continues. Last night at the Nevada Athletic Commission hearing it was revealed the full extent of Silva’s drug failures. Overall the shamed legend failed two separate drug tests.

January 9th: failed an out-of-competition test for drostanolone and androstane, both steroids.

January 19th: passed a pre-fight drug test.

January 31st: failed a post-fight test once again for drostanolone, in addition to oxazepam and temazepam, two drugs commonly used to treat anxiety-related insomnia.

The 39-year-old has provisionally received a nine month ban but will have a full disciplinary hearing before the commission in March.

Former NSAC executive director Bob Bennett spoke to about the potential severity of Silva’s failure:

“I can’t speak for the [NSAC] Chairman nor can I speak for the commissioners,” Bennett told “But something I find particularly concerning is that he tested positive on Jan. 9th and then he tested negative on Jan. 19th. If he took this orally, it only stays in your system 5-to-7 days.

“So, obviously, he used it sometime around Jan. 9th and then he used it shortly before the night of the fight. Whether the commission finds this egregious — that he tested positive twice out of three times — is up to them. I certainly find it concerning and unacceptable.”

Alan’s Angle: I predict the worst for Silva. At 39-years-old he is at the end of his career and being one of the greatest of all time I feel that the commission will see him as the perfect candidate to send a message to other fighters by putting him into retirement early with a hefty fine and at least a one-year ban.

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