Alan Philpott “Prove yourself as a competitor not a card filler!”

If you have not yet checked out this weeks #WHOACAST then you are missing out. Alongside the raft of International guests that Bryan Lacey brings you, one of the more controversial interviews was conducted with BAMMA Bantamweight Cameron Else who pulls no punches in laying into fellow Bantamweight, Alan Philpott.

Else and Philpott have been going back and forth on social media for some time now with Else accusing Philpott of not accepting a fight with him earlier in his career, something which as you can see from the below response Philpott disputes.

So make sure you check out the #WHOACAST in the link above to get Else’s view on things and here is Alan Philpott’s response, enjoy;

Cameron Else (3-2-0) who has called me out and desperately tried to make himself a name off my name had a chance to say his piece on the #WHOACAST with Bryan Lacey. So here is my response;

1. If you listen to Bryan he says Cameron is only on the podcast because of me.
2. I’ve never been offered him even know he’s claiming that BAMMA has said that.
3. He’s trying to use stepping in on 3 days notice against Spencer Hewitt (who is naturally the weight below) as an excuse to why he got beat along with a bad weight cut. I fought one of the best Bantamweights in Europe, Mike Wooten on 3 days notice with a bad weight cut (I always have a bad weight cut) and gave him a cracker fight which, he told me still to the day is one of his favourite fights. He also states he was fit and ready. I was fat and not ready.
4. He keeps muttering and stumbling his words, which proves he doesn’t believe what’s he’s saying.
5. He says me and Ed Arthur are running, yet we are top of the ladder in BAMMA fighting for titles. He’s fighting on the undercard.
6. He says I got banned for bullying the gym. I got banned for messing about outside the gym when I was younger to discipline me. I’m the assistant coach in the gym so Rodney Moore who is well respected in the world of MMA would not have that.
7. He begs for the fight, even says he would bring a crowd which will make the promotion money. They don’t even talk about the fight lol.
8. Ed Arthur and Liam James give me a good smack talk match so he’s clearly not doing much homework to say I shy away when people mouth back.

Keep trying Cameron, knock up the wins and prove yourself as a competitor and not a card filler and we can dance.

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