ACB 70: Uncut and Intense weigh-ins

Check out the weigh-ins that went down today ahead of what promises to be a night of action as ACB 70 takes plae at Sheffield arena and sees Luke Barnatt and Scott Askham clash in a fight for middleweight supremacy at what has been dubbed ‘The Battle of Britain’

Things got a little heated for a few of the other notables on the card too.

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Scott Askham MW 84.2
Luke Barnett 84.4

Ismael De Jesus WW 77.3
Ismail Naurdiev 77.5

Husein Kushagov WW 77.5
Adam Townsend 77

Kane Mousah LW 70.7
Alex Enlund 70.7

Magomed Ginazov BM 61.9
Ioan Vranceanu 62

Bubba Jenkins FWT 65.5
Diego Marlon 67.2

Ibragim Chuzhigaev LHW 86
Will Noland 86

Haron Orzumiev BW 61.6
Filip Macek 61.4

Sam Boult WW 77.5
Ashley Reece 75.6

Shoaib Yousaf FWT 66.3
Jordan Vucenic 65.7

Aaron Aby CW 58.6
Danny Missin 60.2

Danny Tombs WW 77.5
Gavin Sterrit 77.3

Aaron Robinson BW 56.9
Cheya Saleem 58.6

Adam Bramhald BM 61.5
Luke Shanks 61.6

Richard Herbert FWT 65.8
Jordan Barton 65.8

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