ACB 70: Ones to watch – Aaron Aby vs Danny Missin

The theme of ‘Bad Blood’ flows deeply through this particular card than any other ACB event that has gone before it and nowhere is it more caustic than right here with this particular clash. Aaron Aby and Danny Missin will come face to face almost three years on from their first encounter where Aby was dispatched in a merciful manner by Missin.

It’s true to say that 2017’s Aaron Aby is a different animal to the variety that face Danny Missin in their original fight. Under the tutelage of UFC vet Jason Tan Aby has transformed his game into something barely recognisable. A game so different he could prove to be more than a handful for the well rounded Missin.

Expect a finish in this one, quite possibly an early one, as each man will look to quiet the chatter that has reached a crescendo online. Aby’s followers will be out in force on the 23rd as they will look for their man to back the famous ‘S’ he sports whilst training. If Aby had a kryptonite it would be in the form of Missin’s striking pressure and fast hands which he used to great effect when defeating Aby first time around.

Missin has a chequered record having racked up six wins and five defeats. To his credit he has fought some formidable battles losing to the likes of Shaj Haque, Rany Saadeh and Hussein Garabet. Aby, for me, given the massive support, greater turnaround in his game and a win streak broken by Andy Young would appear to be the merging favourite here. Time will tell, the great thing is we’ve only a matter of days in which we will find out.

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