Aaron Chalmers: What’s next on the menu?

Since transitioning from reality TV star to a credible mixed martial artist Aaron Chalmers has proven he is in this for the long haul. Many have pointed to the calibre of opponents he has faced and poured scorn on what amounts to a meteoric rise. What is undeniable though is the traction he has brought for BAMMA as a fight promotion. However, it would seem he has quickly outgrown them if you read between the lines of his recent social media posts.

Unbeaten as a mixed martial artist Chalmers has quickly dispatched those served up to him by BAMMA’s matchmaker. What many of his critics are unaware of is the growing list of available opponents who are declining fights with him. In addition to this Chalmers likes a challenge and whilst he is aware of his status as a novice fighter he has every intention of improving by stepping up in competition.

As welterweights go Aaron is relatively small in size so whenever or wherever he fights next (cough, Bellator) I wouldn’t be surprised to see him drop down a weight class to lightweight. A rumored move to American Top Team for Chalmers has also been circulating and if true it would be just what he needs to bring his wrestling skills up to par to that of his possible opponents.

With Scott Coker in town this past weekend tongues were again wagging as the two conversed cage side. The rumour of Chalmers stepping up to fight in the Bellator cage seems to be gathering momentum. It seems to fit the pattern of what Chalmers has re-iterated to me time and time again, he is constantly looking to push himself. A move to Bellator makes perfect sense given his trajectory so far and his recent call out of Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr.

With Bellator setting out its marker in presenting Bellator 200 as one of the most spectacular cards they have put on in years it makes sense to add Chalmers to the fight card. The 25th of May seems a perfect time for his Bellator debut and after a cursory look at possible opponents here’s a quick rundown of who he could possibly face if not now in the future.

Khonry Gracie
Son of the legendary Royce Gracie, Khonry’s debut, which ended in a loss, drew the media spotlight for obvious reasons. Khonry would represent a potential big scalp for Chalmers due to the family name if he could secure the win.

Kevin ‘Baby Slice’ Ferguson Jr
Already booked to fight in April an unscathed win could make this a possibility given Chalmers has requested the clash for some time now. Their relatively similar records makes for an intriguing match up in addition it would silence the doubters who feel he has not faced worthy competition thus far.

Kams Ekpo
With a record of 4-2-0 facing Ekpo will take Chalmers out of round one probably for the first time in his pro career and definitely out of his comfort zone. It would be interesting to see how he fares against someone who is good both on the ground and in the striking department too.

Alex Trinidad
Currently riding a 2-1-0 record Trinidad is a tremendous test for Chalmers given his extensive amateur bout experience. Fighting out of La Mesa, California Alex represents a chance for Chalmers to interest the US audience if he were able to secure a win over someone who just like himself has tremendous KO ability.

CM Punk
I’ve added this in there as one to book for the future. With Chalmers previous call outs of this particular individual it would make for an intriguing celebrity vs celebrity match up that has must watch written all over it.

Let me know your thoughts on my line up or even what yours would be via Twitter.

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