Aaron Blackwell “Philpott hasn’t got used to being a man, he is still a boy!”

BAMMA’s latest Bantamweight signing Aaron “Smackwell” Blackwell stopped by on this week’s #WHOACAST to discuss the news on his signing with BAMMA, getting an immediate Title shot and also get his updated views on the state of the current Bantamweight division.

Blackwell will take on current BAMMA Lonsdale Bantamweight Champion Alan Philpott at #BAMMA26 on the 4th June. Whilst Blackwell has respect for Philpott at the same time would argue that we don’t always get to see a true reflection of the Champion.

“I do have respect for the kid, he has skills and is versatile and I am definitely not taking him lightly. I think he just seems to suffer from needing his peers around him. He hasn’t yet got used to becoming a man, he is still a boy. He seems to follow what everyone else tells him. I think he is quite false, he needs that pat on the shoulder quite a lot.”

“He needs that support network from his team to tell him what he has to do. He is completely inconsistent. He cant keep a streak going longer than three fights and guess what I’m his next fight and I plan on keeping statistics up straight.”

With just a couple of months to go until the fight takes place, Blackwell is now solely focused on the task at hand and that is defeating Philpott on 4th June, something which he is confident will happen.

“I never like to put predictions on exact ending but he will be exposed. I predict to win every second of the fight. In my mind at this stage we are all equally prepared to go the distance and take it where it needs to go. I will create more opportunities than he will and take them. He won’t and he won’t survive.”

BAMMA made the announcement yesterday that not only had Blackwell signed with the promotion but also would be competing for the Lonsdale Bantamweight Title in his promotional debut. Something which a few fellow BAMMA Bantamweights have called into question, although Blackwell believes that its something which has been coming for a long time.

“I have been doing this for 14 years. No one in this division has sacrificed as much as I have. When I was young I made some mistakes, I lost to some people. I have no shame in that, I look at where I am now. I have 14 years of hard graft behind me and he should be wary of that.”

“BAMMA already knew my name for a few reasons, when I was tearing through people and fighting on Cage Warriors. I think it’s (signing with BAMMA) been in the works for a while and it’s been about getting the right opportunity at the right time. This is the perfect time for me to arrive.”

Prior to signing for the promotion, Blackwell had caused a stir across the UKMMA Bantamweight division issuing his thoughts on the top 15 rankings and etching his honest comments on each and every fighter on that list. An idea which wasn’t designed to insult the division but just to give his honest thoughts on them.

“I knew I was going to do it for a while I was getting a bit creative and thinking how can I wind up everyone at the same time. I tried sitting back and I came up with a few ideas, some of which I will keep back for future, but there was so many people talking about themselves. 99.99% of the division are young guys and with the exception of me and Brad (we are of the older/veteran age), most of these guys are very young. I don’t believe in rankings other than the UFC.”

“These guys were quoting different rankings getting people to notice them. Squabbling over food and acting like chickens to me. These guys don’t understand who they are. Not many people on the list I have respect for in terms of what they have done for the sport. Brad Pickett has taken UKMMA into the world lime light, before Conor McGregor. When I look at these guys I just started breaking them down. I was just being honest, I wasn’t even insulting them.”

The original “list” was put out at the end of 2015, and now that the division has changed Bryan was keen to get Aaron to give his updated thoughts on how he views the top contenders. Something he was more than happy to do.

“Shay Walsh – Beat a guy twice who had 30 losses on his record
Shaj Hague – Super boring Flyweight
Tom Duquesnoy – He is a guy I have respect for, versatile kid
Ian Entwistle – He is the meathead who came down from Featherweight, doesn’t fight like a Bantamweight
Ed Arthur – When I was side kicking him in the gut he was crying on the floor. He hasn’t grown, hasn’t changed. He is stuck in the mud
Cameron Else – Don’t know much about him. Has ability to surprise Ed. I don’t consider him on my radar”

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